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标题: [SEO]Search Engine Optimization Tips [打印本页]

作者: 网普科技     时间: 2005-3-18 04:43 PM    标题: [SEO]Search Engine Optimization Tips

by AG Khan 1/18/04


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most Huge way for Great Websites. So i have some TIPS here for You! which will help you in Optimizing Your Site for Search Engines. So Let's Start here!

The Article

Make a Great Title:
Make a title which will explain the Page! Keep your title short and to the point. Use your keywords in the page title.

Do not waste your time on useless Keywords, Be sure you are targeting the right keywords.

Meta Tags:
There are two things in Meta Tags one is "Keywords" and other is "Description" Put the keywords of the page in the "Keywords" and put the Description of page in the "Description".

Meta Keywords:
Meta Keywords is to define what keywords apply to your page. There are Many Search Engines which does not Read this Tag. but some search engine do! so you should have to add this "Meta Keywords" within the <Head> </Head>.

Meta Description:
Meta Description tag will be Displayed in the Search Results to the users. Its helps in High Ranking, and also Attract Users of Search Result to your site.

Here is a "Meta Tage Maker" which will keep you from wasting your time on Writing Meta Tags click here!

Make a Great and Qualitiy Content. Using Text Instead of Using Images to Describe the Page is good way. Use Anchor in your pages, because it will also helps you in High Ranking.

Links Popularity :
Links Popularity is Very Important in High Ranking, if you have High Link Popularity then you will be at the TOP if you have less then you will be Down. Making Link Popularity High is not so hard its Easy. Read the Next Step!

Exchanging Links with Partners:
Its Easy to Exchange Links with other partners, and Links Exchange will Help you in Increasing your Links Popularity.
Make a Links Page and Link it From the Home Page.

ASk other Webmasters send them an email to have a Reciprocal Link with you! The easy way is that just put "Links Exchange" in the Search in (Google), you will get list of Partners!

Add their link once you get their links code and they will Put Your Link!

Thats it, your Link Popularity will Increase this way, and you will get into the TOP!
作者: 网普科技     时间: 2005-3-18 04:44 PM

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